February 26, 2010

Da Blog Is Back!

Remember me?
Well, I am the only writer besides Rebecca that is on here... So this is a HUGE fresh start huh? Bet you want to know what has been happening while I have been gone...
Well, if you do remember, I became a writer for the stardoll magazine, and now they have only just began posting my articles. My first article was meant to be about Joanne1305's designs (which she is now leaving, *wipes tear from eye*). But we all saw that Callie.Dawg stole it. I later discovered she is infact not a staff member - Callie is just a magazine writer. I mean with all those complaints she gets, do you really think she would do anything for us?
Changing Subject

I know that advertising blogs on here is against the rules so I will just not advertise it, just talk.
I began a graphics blog, and it is one of the most successful ones on here.

Just a bit of CD loving!

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Now, about my life. I have been working on my contortion, and just random shizz that everyone knows about. My flexibility has raised a heap since I started writing for Chic Diaries back last year. I can make my head touch my feet with my stomach and hands on the ground. People call it the cat pose? Yeah... call it what you want.
Well people have been hooting at me at school (ew... but I don't mind this one person doing it).
Well my eyes are about to pop... Comment :D


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