February 26, 2010

Da Blog Is Back!

Remember me?
Well, I am the only writer besides Rebecca that is on here... So this is a HUGE fresh start huh? Bet you want to know what has been happening while I have been gone...

Eternity is WOW!

Have you all seen the new cover of Eternity Magazine? It is amazing and I was starstruck when I first saw it. I love the whole theme of the cover. I think its awesome, it reminds me of Red Riding Hood! Well mainly because my English teacher is making us do work on Red Riding Hood and the whole thing just popped in my mind!

Haha, well its amazing. And the whole issue isn't out yet, they're releasing one page everyday. Taking it slow and its making us wait in suspense! Which is good.

See You.
x Rebecca. <3>

To A New Beginning!

Hello! (:
I know, isn't it amazing that Chic Diaries is having a comeback? Honestly, I cannot wait for this moment! And now its here! So, Happy Chic Diaries New Year! Yes, for now the colors for this amazing blog is blue & white. I'm not sure if more writers will join us on this team, but I'm sure I will be looking for some new ones!

I have deleted all the posts that we have done in the past few years, which altogether was 680 posts! Now thats heaps! I read some of them, and all I could've done was laugh. I couldn't believe all of the things we posted, especially the one by Emma saying that Miley Cyrus had Bebo. It was so cool to go back in time and see it all again.

Well, I think this blog will be a success again! So please comment about how you feel about Chic Diaries coming back.

See You.
Rebecca. <3>